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Alt 16.02.2022, 04:39
lamine428 (Offline)
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Show LA Complex

LA Complex 2012 [9x]

A Canadian drama television series that premiered on CTV on January 10, 2012, subsequently airing on MuchMusic. It also began airing in the United States on April 24, 2012, on The CW. The series stars Cassie Steele as Abby Vargas, an aspiring actress who moves to Los Angeles with nothing but her Maple Leafs hockey bag and dreams of being a famous actress. As described in CTV publicity materials, "The L.A. Complex follows the lives of twenty year olds living in the same apartment complex in L.A. trying to make it as actors, dancers, producers and comedians. Relationships begin and end, the need to succeed is tested and all characters are pushed to their breaking points."


Jonathan Patrick Moore
Joe Dinicol
Andra Fuller
Chelan Simmons
Cassie Steele
Benjamin Charles Watson
Jewel Staite
Dayle McLeod
Michael Levinson
Georgina Reilly

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Alt 16.02.2022, 22:48
lamine428 (Offline)
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Show LA complex Stills + Promos [15x]

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